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Bulbs - Autumn Planting - Pre order for delivery Autumn 2017
Alliums are Ornamental Onions that can be grown in borders and in large pots. They are generally fully hardy.
A beautiful variety that can be grown in beds and borders and also pots. A perennial variety that will form clumps that can be divided in the Summer / early Autumn when plants are dormant.
Bulk Bulbs - all varieties
Bulk pack sizes for many of our varieties - if you cannot see what you want please contact us
A tall white flowering perennial that forms clumps. An Spring flowering plant that will brighten the borders prior to the emergence of other summer flowering varieties
Chionodoxa - Glory of the Snow
A perennial variety that will naturalise easily - propagation is easy by lifting the bulbs in Summer when the plants are dormant and removing the side bulbs
A perennial variety with a wide range of colours. A versatile plant that can be planted in Full sun or partial shade.
A low growing perennial that has varieties that flower both in late winter / spring and also in Autumn
Daffodil / Yellow Trumpet
Daffodils / Narcissi -  poeticus
Commonly known as pheasants eye or poets daffodil, Flowers from Late winter to early Spring. Highly scented - Gloves are recommended when planting these varieties as they can cause vomiting or irritation to eyes/skin
Daffodils / Narcissi - Double
A range of double flowered varieties that flower from late winter to spring
Daffodils / Narcissi - Large Cupped
Large Cupped varieties that flower from late winter to early spring. The Cup in these varieties is generally about 30% larger than the petals. The flowers are usually produced one per stem.
Daffodils / Narcissi - Poetaz
A cross bred variety that produces stems with multiple flowers - Very decorative Spring early Winter flowering variety !!
Daffodils / Narcissi - Rockery - Dwarf
A range of Dwarf or Rockery type Narcissi that flower from later Winter - Spring
Daffodils / Narcissi - Trumpet flowered
A much loved group of perennial bulbs that will brighten any Border / Patio
Eranthis - Winter aconite
A low growing perennial that flowers from winter to early Spring.
Frtillaria - Snakes head type
A Spring flowering plant that is great for grassed areas and for naturalising.
Galanthus - Snowdrop
A great variety for naturalising in your garden. Spring flowering and low growing
Hyacinths make a stunning display with their bright colours - standard bulbs for planting outdoors
Hyacinth - Prepared
The bulbs have been specially prepared for indoor planting and extra early flowering - Once they have finished filling the room with their scent and the flowers have gone over they can be safely planted outdoors
A range of perennial bulbs that produce a great show of flowers in the Spring
Leucojum - Snowflake
Snow white flowers are produced in the Spring - A tall growing variety (90cm appx) and a smaller 10cm variety are available
An easy to grow plant that will naturalise easily - great for lawns and around paths
Tulip - Exotics and others
Other varieties of Tulips such as fringed, exotics, Viridiflora and Fosteriana
Tulip Darwin Hybrids
Possibly the best variety for cut flowers
Tulip Dwarf varieties
An ideal range for border edges or rockeries
Tulip Lily flowered
A super range of Lily flowered Tulips
Tulip Triumph Varieties
A Superb variety with long stems making them ideal for Cut flowers or the border.
Tulips Double and Singles
A large range of tulips from single to double flowered and various mixes