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Brussels Sprout Evesham Special - Appx 300 Seeds
An open pollinated variety producing good yields of Sprouts from September - December
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Brussels Sprout Evesham Special

A very well known and easy to grow variety of Brussels Sprouts, Not as uniform as some other F1 varieties but still offers good yields of beautiful sprouts.

Sow the seeds from thinly late Feb - end April appx 2cm deep in trays / pots.
Germination will occur in 7 - 12 days at between 10 - 25 Deg C.
When plants are appx 4 - 5 " high transplant to open ground.
The plants are best planted so that the lowest leaves are just above the surface. and in ground that had been watered the previous day.
 Space the plants Appx 16 " apart. Wider spacing will encourage a longer cropping period whereas closer planting will encourage smaller sprouts that can be harvested all at once.
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